Periodontal Surgery for Orthodontics

Sometimes the orthodontist needs to work with the periodontist in order to help achieve beautiful and healthy smiles. Surgeries such as periodontal plastic surgery and dental implants can be done in conjunction with braces to ensure optimal results. We can also help with tooth extraction to make space in patients with crowding, or uncover teeth that are impacted in bone.

TADS (Could eliminate need for Headgear)

Temporary anchorage devices are utilized in conjunction with orthodontics to assist in moving teeth. This procedure involves placement of the TAD (titanium bone anchor) directly through the gums into the bone. The use of TADS is revolutionary, eliminating unwanted movement of anchorage teeth, decreasing treatment time, and making headgear a thing of the past for patients.

Canine Exposure

This procedure involves opening a flap and removing small amounts of bone in order to bond an orthodontic “button” to a tooth that is not properly positioned in the arch. Once the button is bonded to the tooth, the orthodontist can move this tooth into the appropriate place.

Free Gingival Grafts

This gum graft treatment involves the utilization of a small piece of tissue removed from the roof of the mouth and placed in an area of extremely weak, thin tissue to prevent further recession.

Periodontally Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics (PAOO)

PAOO is ideal for patients who want braces, but do not want the traditionally long treatment time. For this procedure, the gum tissue is gently separated from the bone, making a “flap”. The bone is then activated by creating small cuts into the bone to facilitate the orthodontic movement, and the sites are then augmented with graft material. After this, orthodontic treatment begins. PAOO significantly decreases the treatment time (1 year to 6 months, 2 years to 6-8 months), enhances the range of movement, requires fewer permanent extractions, and less root resorption has been reported.

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